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Mifflin Township Board of Supervisors
Regular Monthly Meeting
Municipal Building
February 9, 2022
7:00 p.m.

Present were Supervisors, Chairman Ty Sheddy, Vice-Chairman Kevin Griffith, Roadmaster Doug Cohick; Secretary Renee’ Sheddy; EMC Jake Richards; Employee Dennis Davis; Residents Donna Berry and Robert Paucke.

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Public Comment – Donna Berry asked for clarification regarding pipe replacement on Canoe Run Road. She also noted that there is cracking on Tombs Run Road.

Dennis Davis addressed the Board of Supervisors to announce his intention to retire as an employee of the township effective at the end of the winter maintenance season.

Ty Sheddy made the motion to accept the Minutes of the January meetings, seconded by Kevin Griffith. MCU.

Kevin Griffith made the motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report for the General Fund, State Road Fund, Fire Protection Fund, Act 13 Fund, and ARPA Fund. Doug Cohick seconded this motion. MCU.

Fire Company Update – Summary Report of 2021 incidents was provided by Chief Goodbrod via email.

EMC Report – Yearly maintenance on generator was done 2/1/22. No issues.

Roadmaster’s Report – Denny Davis and Jake Richards were commended for job well done with last storm. Noted that there is a radiator issue with the ’96 International. Supervisors agreed to order three more loads of salt. 168.15 tons purchased to date.

Unfinished Business:

Recreation Park – Meetings will convene in March. Discussion on request to plow the path for walking.

Zinck Road Bridge ROW Acquisitions – Bassett Engineering has communicated to the township that time has run out for easement negotiations. Kevin Griffith made the motion to contact the solicitor to begin condemnation proceedings. Doug Cohick seconded this motion. MCU.

Plaque First Fork Bridge – Tabled until spring.

Musser Development Sewage System – Draft copy of supervisor approved letter was sent to the solicitor.

ARPA Funding Request – Tabled 

New Business:

Dirt & Gravel Roads Grant – Supervisors will not be applying for a grant this year. There was discussion on applying for grant in the future possibly to pave remaining dirt roads.  

Liquid fuels audit was conducted 1/4/2022 for 2019 and 2020 with no findings.

The Mifflin Township Board of Auditors approved the supervisors’ wages as employees.  

2022-2023 CoStars Salt Contract – Kevin Griffith made the motion to contract for 300 tons. Doug Cohick seconded the motion. MCU.

Walnut Lane – Supervisors discussed township responsibility in reference to tree removal.

Liability Release Sewage Permit Application – Motion to sign this waiver for property located at 6460 Pine Run Road was made by Ty Sheddy, seconded by Doug Cohick. MCU.

Diesel Fuel Quotes – Following quotes were received: T.L.C. Fuels .40 cents over rack price for both winter and summer blends; Nittany Oil .35 cents over rack price for summer blend, .39 cents for winter blend; Hiller’s Fuel, a Division of R.W. Dittmar .25 cents over rack price for summer blend, .31 cents over rack for winter blend. Supervisors tabled a decision until March meeting pending verification of delivery availability from Dittmar.

Treasury Update ARPA Funding – Final Treasury rule allows for up to a $10 million allowance for revenue loss category. This latest ruling would allow township to use funds for any general government service.

Ty Sheddy made the motion to pay bills, seconded by Kevin Griffith. MCU.

Ty Sheddy made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:48 p.m., seconded by Doug Cohick. MCU.

Respectfully submitted,

Renee’ Sheddy