Mifflin Township
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February 13, 2019

Pledge of Allegiance 

Public Comment

Minutes of January 7, 2019 Organizational and Regular Meeting

Treasurer’s Report – January 2019 

Fire Company Update 

EMC Report 

Roadmaster’s Report  

Unfinished Business:
1. Recreation Park 
2. Release of Anadarko’s Bonds 
3. Dunkled Acres Sewage Planning 
4. UGI Bill
5. UGI Highway Occupancy Permit Tombs Run Road
6. First Fork Bridge Replacement – Land Acquisition

New Business:
1.Costars Salt Contract
2.Supervisors’ Comments Land Development Communications Tower
3.Watson Twp. Request
4.D&GR Grant 
5.Equipment Rate
6.Diesel Quotes
7.ARD Operating Staging Area 287
8.Hourly Rate to Charge Salladasburg Borough for Loading Salt
9.Terms Up End of 2019: Supervisor, Auditor
10.Flagger Training

Motion to Pay Bills
Motion to Adjourn