Mifflin Township
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November 14, 2018

Pledge of Allegiance 

Public Comment

* Dr. Jill Wenrich and Dr. Ken Dady, Jersey Shore Area School District
Minutes of October Meeting, November 9 meetings
Treasurer’s Report – October 2018 

Fire Company Update 

EMC Report 

Roadmaster’s Report  

Unfinished Business:
1. Recreation Park 
2. Release of Anadarko’s Bonds 
3. Dunkled Acres Sewage Planning 
4. Garbage Drop-off
5. UGI Bill
6. Shawn Fink – Sewage Module for Land Development /Stormwater Maint. Agreement  
7. Sullair Air Compressor
8. UGI Highway Occupancy Permit Tombs Run Road
9. Joint Zoning Watson Twp.

New Business:
1. Proposed 2019 Budget
2. Regency Energy Permit Renewal
3. Notice of Rate Increase 2019 by LCWSA for Mifflin Manor
4. Williams Highway Occupancy Permit Application Construction Driveway

Motion to Pay Bills
Motion to Adjourn