Mifflin Township
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January 3, 2022

Pledge of Allegiance
Public Comment

Motion to Select a Temporary Chairman and Secretary
Motion to Nominate and Elect Chairman
Motion to Appoint Secretary/Treasurer
Motion to Nominate and Elect Vice Chairman
Motion to Appoint Roadmaster and Road Foreman

Motion to Approve Road Employees –
Lester Brown, Douglas Cohick, Dennis Davis, Amie Eck, Jacob Fink, Lloyd Forcey, Kevin Griffith, Lacey Griffith, Donald Murray, John Packard, George Paucke, Jeremiah Paucke, Mary-Louise Paucke, Robert Paucke, John Paulhamus, Jacob Richards, Kevin Richards, Carl L. Roupp, Edward Schell, Nicolas Seese, Jordan Sheddy, Ty Sheddy, Mitchell Smith, Earl Lee Stroble, Steven Welshans, Harley Zeigler. 

Motion to Set Treasurer’s Bond at $850, 000.00
Motion to Appoint Tax Collector, Janet Hillyard, to Collect Hydrant and Fire Protection Tax 
To Appoint Renee’ Sheddy as Deputy Tax Collector 
  To Appoint Legal Counsel, J David Smith, McCormick Law Firm
  To Appoint Vacancy Board Chairman, Lloyd Forcey
To Appoint Jacob Richards as Emergency Management Coordinator
To Appoint Supervisor to attend Fire Company Regionalization Meetings
To Appoint Representative to the Earned Income Tax Committee
To Appoint Supervisor to serve on Recreation Park Committee
To Appoint Dennis Norman as Township Engineer
Motion to Select Bank Depositories, M & T Bank and PLGIT

Motion to Set the Meeting Dates for 2022
Motion to Use the Mileage Rate Current with the IRS 58.5 cents/ mi 2022
Motion to Set Hourly Wages for 2022:

Secretary/Treasurer, Roadmaster,  Assistant Secretary, Road Foreman, Road Employees, Building Maintenance.

Motion to Set Meeting Fees 
Secretary – hourly rate for workshops plus mileage and expenses 
Auditors, Tax Collector, Deputy Tax Collector – ( 2021 $17.50 )workshop session, plus mileage and expenses
Employees – hourly wage for workshops, mileage & expenses
Supervisors – current meeting rate for each road inspection

Resolution 1-2022 to Hire Jami Nolan as SEO; Robert Bertin, Craig June as the Alternate(s)
Resolution 2-2022 to Approve Treasurer paying bills due before meeting

Motion to Certify Voting Delegate(s) to State Convention in Hershey.

Motion to Recommend to Auditors – Supervisors Wages as Employees.

January 3, 2022

Pledge of Allegiance

Public Comment

Minutes December

Treasurer’s Report – December 2021

Fire Company Update  

EMC Report – 

Roadmaster’s Report  

Unfinished Business:

 1. Recreation Park  
 2. Zinck Road Bridge ROW Acquisitions
 3. Plaque First Fork Bridge
 4. Musser Development Sewage System (approval of letter)

New Business:

  1. Bid Thresholds 2022
  2. ARPA Funding Request from LCWSA 

Motion to Pay Bills
Motion to Adjourn